Published on 6 October 2020

Thesis on sediment dynamics published

Hardcopy of my MSc thesis

After some delay due to COVID-19 and the NZ lock-downs, I am happy to report that my thesis on sediment dynamics in the Firth of Thames was finally published.

Published on 27 March 2020

Conservation in Piha

Pest Free Piha screenshot

Right before the COVID-19 crisis hit New Zealand I did a bunch of work to help communicate the environmental work Pest Free Piha does in this tiny coastal village. Other than a simple website I also put together a little video showing the conservation work I have been involved with during my Piha years. The site and the video were supposed to be showcased in the WSL Piha Pro surfing event but unfortunately the whole thing was cancelled due to the current COVID-19 situation.

Published on 26 November 2019

New Zealand Coastal Society Conference 2019

NZ Society Conference 2019

I spent the last couple of weeks in Southland as I attended the NZ Coastal Society conference in Invercargill.

Published on 19 September 2019

Winner of the School of Environment PG poster showcase!

Sediment dynamics on a wave-exposed tidal flat

As part of the 2019 School of Environment Postgraduate Research Showcase I decided to submit a poster presenting my on-going research.

Published on 6 September 2019 goes live

Waitakere Ranges park ranger Dan Real identyifing prints at Piha beach

I teamed up with Auckland-based designer and keen conservationist Shaun Lee to develop a website to help the public identify wildlife tracks.

Published on 2 June 2019

Bathymetry profile with QGIS and Python

Bathymetry profile

There are several tutorials and articles out there, but this is what I did when I needed to plot a bathymetry profile across a set of points.