About me

Originally a software engineer graduated at the Barcelona Schools of Informatics, I'm currently studying a masters on environmental science at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, where I live with my little family as a permanent resident. I also hold a postgraduate on International Cooperation and Development from the Technical University of Catalonia. For more than twelve years I've worked for several companies and non-profits in different countries such as France, Germany, Vietnam, Indonesia, Spain and New Zealand. My field of focus since I graduated has been designing and developing software, becoming a specialist in the domain of web applications.

I try to apply all my computer science experience and knowledge to the environmental science field. Data analysis and modelling, among others, are vital tools in modern science and require a certain degree of expertise in languages such as R or Python, both of which I'm more than comfortable working with. Thanks to my past gigs at Koordinates and Hyds, I've gained plenty of GIS experience, which is also becoming highly relevant in the science field. My main interests are plastic pollution and marine debris, citizen science and community-led restoration and conservation. I'm a huge fan of Nature Watch, an online platform to share fauna and flora observations within the New Zealand region.


Banding a Northern New Zealand Dotterel chick at Piha beach.

Since living in New Zealand I've become more and more engaged in community initiatives and volunteer work. I've been an ambassador for the Auckland Council in the Waitakere Ranges to raise awareness for Kauri dieback and I do monitoring and predator control work for the shorebirds and seabirds in Piha, where I have the luck to reside. I guess I'm officially a bird freak since I'm a member of Birds New Zealand and Forest & Bird

While I finish my masters I'm available as a contractor. If you think I might be of any help, please do get in touch.