Published on 27 March 2020

Conservation in Piha

Right before the COVID-19 crisis hit New Zealand I did a bunch of work to help communicate the environmental work Pest Free Piha does in this tiny coastal village. Other than a simple website I also put together a little video showing the conservation work I have been involved with during my Piha years. The site and the video were supposed to be showcased in the WSL Piha Pro surfing event but unfortunately the whole thing was cancelled due the current COVID-19 situation.

Northern NZ Dotterel chick. Piha, 2019.

Northern NZ Dotterel chick. North Piha, 2019.

Pest Free Piha is a community-led initiative that aims to get rid of weeds and mammal predators in the Piha area by 2025. It is clearly aligned with the wider Pest Free Waitakere Ranges alliance and Predator Free NZ. The site is an attempt to present the great work the organisation does and hopefully engage some of the locals.

The video, which is obviously non-professional work, showcases some of the bird species found in Piha, the multiple challenges they are currently facing and the work volunteers do to help overcome those challenges. Just watch the video below :)

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