Published on 28 January 2016

Migrating from Wordpress to Wagtail

As you may have noticed, the blog has been recently going under some renovation. I was a bit sick of Wordpress so I decided to spend a couple of days migrating it to Wagtail. I also re-did the front-end.


Having spent a good amount of time with Wagtail lately was the key factor for this decision. I have nothing against Wordpress but given the amount of time I spend with Django/Wagtail this felt the right thing to do. 

I appreciate the fact Wordpress offers more control and flexibility to the end-user (especially all the plugins stuff) but being a developer I prefer to restrict things a bit. After all, this is my blog and I'm the only end-user. If in the future I need a certain feature I'm just gonna code it :)

As I said, I have nothing against Wordpress but I felt I didn't wanna keep enduring things such:

I was also getting a weird MySQL error on the server. Apparently due to a lack of resources. I tried to solve it by optimising the database setup but from time to time MySQL would crash because of a RAM issue. I'm stoked with my new stack venv+nginx+uwsgi+PostgreSQL as everything runs smoothly. And I'm using the same virtual machine settings.

Front-end rebuilt

Given that I was re-building the whole backend I thought it was a good moment to re-do the the front-end as well. I did a bit of research on existing themes as I didn't have the time nor the energy to do something from scratch. I did find this very simple theme, Strata, which I thought would look great. I did a few style modifications according to my (probably terrible) taste. Thanks heaps to for his work!

The source code

The code of the blog is public and available

There are some other public websites available in the Wagtail repo

If you're keen on using Wagtail have a look at these, hopefully they'll help you get your hands dirty with Wagtail.