Published on 5 April 2018

NZ Dotterel season wrap-up

Today I had the pleasure to speak at the Auckland NZ Dotterel Forum organised by Auckland Council in Orewa. It was a great opportunity to let other volunteers, council and DOC staff know how things have been in Piha during this past breeding season. It's been also great to hear the stories from people managing dotterels in other parts of the country.

I was able to tell the audience how was it at Piha this last season and the great results we've achieved in terms of productivity. Sean and I have been working hard the whole summer to finally manage to get 2 chicks out 3 fledged and relatively safe from predators.. and people. You can get the slides of my talk in a PDF file if you'd like to have a look.

Adrian Riegen - Cannon netting the Southerners

Adrian Riegen - Cannon netting the Southerners

I particularly enjoyed the talk from Adrian Riegen as it was about the southern sub-species of NZ Dotterel and its rather mysterious decline in the last few years. But all the talks were good and it was great to talk to everyone that came to the forum.

Thanks to the Ben & Chris and all the Auckland Biodiversity team for organizing the event and having me as one of the speakers. Looking forward to the next season!

I'm leaving some of the best footage I got from the chicks we monitored, enjoy!